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  • Arai qv-pro focus amarillo
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Reference: AR3215-FE

Full hull QV PRO Focus of Arai in yellow, considered the best hull of the segment. Its advanced technology with the new VAS visor system, also mounted on the new RX-7 V with which it also shares the outer casing, but the voids of the speakers, vents and different integrated ducts.

It is equipped with integrated pockets inside the pillows that will not adversely affect comfort and fit. (Headphones not included)


Rugged, smooth and round, it offers an intermediate oval that fits and maximizes the hull's ability to slide over any obstacle, which requires securing superior absorption performance in the case of real-world impacts.

Ventilation system

Extractor air in the area of ​​the opening visor that passes through a channel dedicated to the side air intake, improves efficiency and reduces noise.


The QV-PRO is the second model in the collection that comes with the VAS (Axis Variable System) visor system that allows it to have a more resistant and smooth surface, even in the temple area. PSS Pinlok visor series, ideal for all types of weather against fogging, fog and sunshine.

Shell in PB-SNC2, superfiber and other special synthetic fibers, with good characteristics of flexibility and tensile strength, developed for the screens of the F1 helmets, placed and united by experts Arai with precision, which reinforces the area around the front, with a variety of materials carefully arranged in layers and printed. The newly developed resin creates stronger ties between the weight reduction top materials.


Improved fully removable eco pure lining. Helps maintain neutral acid levels similar to those of human skin and with antibacterial properties. Smoother, easier and more comfortable fit. The new coating is also provided with padding on the adjustable pins for a custom fit.

The Peel Away system will remove a 5mm foam layer from the ear pads and temples, allowing the user to get more space when needed to optimize comfort and fit.


Double buckle closure system (double D).

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