Agv side share easy

  • Agv side share easy
  • Agv side share easy
  • Agv side share easy
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Reference: KIT99908-999

Intercom AGV Side Share Easy

* Compatible with: K-5, K-3 SV, Horizon, Skyline.

SHARE is the AGV system of integrated communication that allows you to communicate with the passenger (who wear a helmet with the same communication system), also with mobile phone and with other peripherals that use the standard Bluetooth® (e.g. Navigator satellite). Share decreases the emission of electromagnetic waves a 97.5% (with respect to the limit established by the regulations and to devices with communication motorcycle).


  • Adaptable to K3, K5, HORIZON, SKYLINE helmets.
  • Complete communications Kit to equip a helmet.
  • Use Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone, GPS and allows communication with the passenger also equipped with a bluetooth communication system.
  • Radio FM (RDS) function.
  • You can connect by cable or bluetooth to your MP3.
  • Automatic adjustment of the volume depending on the sound environment.
  • Firmware update available from the manufacturer's web site.
  • New battery technology offering autonomy of operating hours and 700 hours in standby mode.
  • Waterproof system
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