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  • Schuberth src pro
  • Schuberth src pro
  • Schuberth src pro
  • Schuberth src pro
  • Schuberth src pro
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Intercom Schuberth SCR PRO


  • Thanks to the SRC - System™, up to three bikers can communicate simultaneously. Under ideal conditions, the maximum range is 700 meters.
  • Maximum range of 700 meters, according to the terrain and eye contact.
  • Automatic restoration of the connection in case of failure.
  • Automatic establishment of voice connection.
  • Automatic closing of the connection after a silence of 30 seconds, two channels of communication system.


  • The tech VOX (Voice Operated eXchange) allows to control main by means of voice communication features, as record or accept calls.
  • Reliable control by means of voice commands
  • Individual adjustment of the responsibility for the response

The connection between a mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth and the SRCS is very easy to configure. Incoming calls can be accepted by a voice command and using the keys of the SRC-system. This also applies to navigation devices equipped with Bluetooth. Once the SRC-system has been connected to your GPS device, the pilot can receive voice instructions comfortably, through two handsets.  (VOX) voice commands allow a very simple control system.


  • Most of the MP3 players on the market can be connected to the SRC-system through the USB interface multifunction. If the MP3 device is compatible with Bluetooth A2DP technology, it is not necessary to have any cable.
  • Simple connection thanks to the USB
  • Easy to handle by the SRC-system control keys


  • The SRC - System™ automatically adjusts the volume according to the background noise that is.
  • The sensitivity level can be configured with the included software.


Now, with integrated VHF radio, you can listen to their favorite radio stations and be informed of ads on traffic while traveling. Antenna already included in the model C3 Pro series guarantees the highest quality of reception at all times. Thanks to the RDS function, always selects the strongest signal for the selected frequency, even at high speeds. You can store up to six stations in memory.

  • RDS function for automatic tuning
  • Programmable by the user thanks to the SRCS system software
  • It may be news about traffic while traveling
  • Select six radio channels better received in the vicinity at full speed, with only one click

Software update

Always keep abreast of the latest developments. The most recent version of the SRC-system is always available for you in the form of discharge. If you register your SRC-System system, you will be informed by e-mail when software updates are available.

SRC - System™-C3 Pro/S2-Software * (EXE, 7, 3MB)
* It is required Windows® operating system.

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