Shad bc03

  • Shad bc03
  • Shad bc03
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Reference: X0BC03

Intercom Shad BC03

The new range of Shad communication systems is especially designed to provide connectivity and driving safe, since it allows to communicate via Smartphone fully legally while driving, making the trip safer and more fun.

You receive your calls easily and safely while traveling in your scooter or motorcycle with the kit hands free SHAD using a single multi-function button. Very easy to install, the device is designed to be fully integrated in your helmet.

SHAD BC03 model is the most complete range, since it includes connection handsfree with your Smartphone/GPS bluetooth and stereo music player intercom option, which enables communication between driver and passenger from easily and safely. In addition, it integrates the function of automatic response by voice and dual Link system, which maintains the connection to the phone even when it works as intercom.


• Double headphone
• Response by voice
• Hands-free smartphone/gps
• Stereo music player
• Intercom Kit
• Dual Link

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