• Arai rebel red splash green
  • Arai rebel red splash green
  • Arai rebel red splash green

Arai rebel red splash green

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Reference: AR3225-SG-XS

Helmet Arai Rebel green Splash

Towards more simple and affordable motorcycle rider there is a marked tendency in the community without having to make any sacrifice in regard to style and performance. Thus was created a whole new segment of motorcycles often without fairing with a 'Street Fighter' unmistakable touch. The new brand «Rebel» Arai helmet is the perfect companion for this new segment of motorcycles. Based on fit and comfort of the Quantum, which so many praises have been harvested, the Rebel adds this new concept a bold style chinrest.

Since these bikes offer a seat more upright position and hardly any protection against the wind, the Chin of the Rebel has been designed to drive air around the neck and improve the aerodynamic properties of the helmet. Integrated bar Chin spoiler and the shape of this bar improves the aerodynamic behaviour of this helmet. These elements have been adapted to different angles of head and helmet with respect to wind and the distribution of the weight of the helmet.

The end result is an aggressive, but also functional style chinrest, in which the shape is a consequence of benefits. Large ventilation openings emphasize the «indomitable and hard» character of this spectacular helmet. The result is a helmet of urban and rebellious aspect oriented pilots for this new segment motorcyclist. The chin guard not only gives a fearsome aspect: in addition is more convenient due to greater space for the Chin.

Another great evolution of Arai helmets high-tech is the FCS (abbreviation of "Facial Contour System": facial contour system). FCS cheek pads exert an integrated Spring action. In this way, it is easier to wear the helmet, being necessary to make less effort. With FCS, cheek pad wraps the bottom of jaw and cheeks instead of relying on the soft cheek area.

But the feeling is that is more loose, what actually gets the FCS is determined in a larger area support, offering comfort and stability with a minimum pressure. The new 'removable' pads are thin surfaces that can remove backing, similar to the top surface of both pads of cheek, to enjoy the best possible staff adjust and minimize the need to buy additional cushioning.

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