Arai sz-f blast rojo

  • Arai sz-f blast rojo
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Reference: AR2310-BD

Arai jet hull model SZ F Blast. Designed with space around the ear for comfort and enough space for a communication device

The ergonomic design allows for a more wrap-around fit at the bottom of the helmet while enhancing the profile's linearity and elegance, along with a perfect balance.


The Arai fiberglass outer layer is durable, lightweight and provides more comfort than traditional hulls of this type.

To further increase the stiffness of the shell, the hull is equipped with reinforcing ribs at the base, to ensure maximum safety even in the area of ​​the side air vents.

Arai's unique polystyrene shell technology allows to produce a shock absorption inner tank with multiple different densities in a single element, instead of assembling components of different densities to obtain the final inner shell.

Built-in liner made with shock absorbing materials to increase hull safety.

Ventilation system

The air intakes located at the peak provide better ventilation at the top of the hull, without weakening the front area of ​​the outer shell.

The TDF and TDR ventilation system, embedded in the housing, allows for smoother and more streamlined driving. Through two front air intakes and two rear exhaust fans, it allows a perfect entry of fresh air into the hull and a better extraction of warm air, for the comfort suitable for long journeys.

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