Agv ax-8 evo naked karakum camo / yellow fluor

  • Agv ax-8 evo naked karakum camo / yellow fluor
  • Agv ax-8 evo naked karakum camo / yellow fluor
  • Agv ax-8 evo naked karakum camo / yellow fluor
  • Agv ax-8 evo naked karakum camo / yellow fluor
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Reference: 7521A2G0-001

AGV AX-8 EVO Naked Karakum Camo / yellow fluor

The Evo AX-8 is the new top of range AGV's fiber, designed for all land professionals and developed thanks to the collaboration with AGV Championships Cross, Enduro and Supermotard riders. AX-8 Evo strengthens the presence of Agv in the world of sports cross thanks to a very original design and technical features of first-level product. Design stands out with respect to the proposals currently offered on the market by the chinrest of immediate aesthetic impact, characterized by a grid of wide steel that protects the front air intake, making this town an always recognizable product.


The shell with stratification SSL is made in carbon, fiberglass and fiber aramídica to contain the weight of the helmet and guarantee maximum safety. The Evo AX-8 is available in 3 sizes of outer shell with sizes from XXS to XXXL.


Integrated ventilation system IVS with large ducts made directly in the shell ensures a more efficient airflow inside the helmet and better aerodynamic performance. Air intakes in the front, on the edge of the screen and the Chin allows a constant input of fresh air in the helmet. Rear exhausts eliminated, through the channels in the EPS, hot air and moisture from the inside of the helmet.


The interiors with sanitizing treatment and deeds in Dri - Lex® breathable are completely removable and washable, including the lining of strap, to guarantee a perfect hygiene of the helmet which, by its nature, is subject to an end use. For the same reason, the screen area used to finishes of soft plastic that, contrary to the tissues, not impregnated and are easy to clean using a sponge or a brush. The interiors of the opening of the display area have been designed to ensure a perfect fit even wearing glasses of Cross.


The new cut of the shell in the Chin area, combined with a wide and soft, edge decreases the interference in case of use of the collar and reduces the risk of injury by impact thanks to the "shock absorber" function. In the Chin air intake is easy to disassemble without tools and its dimensions were studied to obtain an excellent air flow and total protection of the Chin (in other helmets pilot chin protrudes from the perimeter of the town because of the reduced height of the Chin).

However the extent of air in the chin guard intake, not undertakes its robustness, thanks to a sturdy fiber structure that creates the best compromise between air flow and mechanical resistance. The hood with external aluminium screws is easy to adjust thanks to the central screw of plastic under the visor. The closing system mounts a DD buckle with double ring. The weight of the helmet is only 1,150 g * (+/-50 g) size M



  • 3 sizes of outer shell with stratification SSL (glass, aramídica, carbon fiber)
  • Approvals: ECE, DOT, ECE 2205, AS/NZS, NBR
  • Weight: E2205: 1,150 g (+/-50 g) size M
  • Edge base on the chinrest with shock absorber function area
  • Ventilation IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with large ducts made directly in the shell for a more efficient airflow inside the helmet and better aerodynamic performance
  • 3 shots of air front, 2 side in the neck strap and 2 rear extractors
  • Air intake chinrest with easy-to-disassemble, steel protective mesh can be replaced without tools and is interchangeable with the of the AX-8 Dual Evo
  • Fully removable and washable Interior (including the lining of strap) with side shields studied for use with cross glasses
  • Tissues with sanitizing treatment of Dri - Lex®. The fixed part of the side shields is covered with easy to clean soft material
  • Adjustable visor
  • Closing system with belt and buckle double D.
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